EDF Energy London Eye – formally opened by Tony Blair in 1999 – for many people, one of the biggest tourist attraction of London after the Buckingham Palace and the rumours about the royal scandals but there are also some more critical opinions like of Sir Richard Rogers, who basically said that from architectural point of view London gained nothing  but another symbol and another structure to climb on and lookback down it , just like Eiffel Tower in Paris – form my point of view that is not fair.

 The weel has been designed by architectural team which consisted of :  Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey, Steven Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Julia Barfield , David Marks.

Located on the south bank of London, opposite the London Parliament and Big Ben tower, the structure is generating 3.5 happy customers every year.

 The tallest ferris weel in Europe, with 32 stell and reinforced glass capsules (symbolizing each borough of London), which are air conditoned and spin very slowly  around the big weel/loop

 It is unforgetable experience to see the town from such a height, and I am sure sir Richard Rogers would definitely change his mind if he ever had a chance to experience this feeling.

 By the way designed by him building, O2 Arena – Millenium Dome is giving the city one function only , (apart from the commercial one), is providing a concert hall for the city , and that is just enogh for me, and many others.