Block of flats built along Woodside Avenue  in North Finchley in London.Iteresting building that draws the attention thanks to its contemporary design and a fresh look in between the surrounding detached houses from different periods.

Use of brick is still very characteristic for this area of London, but big aluminium windows with a very asymetric subdivisions, and a very contemporary flat roofs are really standing out – very surprising especially for me dealing with the planning councill for the area.

I often pass by this intriguing building and though it would be worth to share it with other people – will you agree with my point of view ?


One of the Royal parks in London adjacent to Hyde Park – creates together with Hyde Park, St,James Park, Green Park – creates one of the biggest open , green spaces in europe.

Although the garden itself is not reach in many different plant species, it is very interesting as a place of relaxation,with variety of offical avenues,  full of landscape architecture, monuments, sculptures and romantic arbours.

Full o fountains and with  the Round Pound -popular artificial lake in the west corner of Hide Park , packed with swans and other wild living birds.

The Park was designed in c.1728-1738 by Henry Wise and Charles Bridgeman.The same Charles Bridgeman designed a Serpentine; a lake lying in the center of the Hyde Park and ending up in the Kensington Gardens that is called “The lond Water”

Very interesting part of the Kensington Garden is so called “Italian Garden” with a number of classical sculptures and fountains.

Further away to the west,  one can see the Kensington Palace with the Queen Victoria Memorial,”Dutch Garden”  and the Queen Victoria Memorial.

To the south west there is a really impressive Albert Memorial and a view at the Royal Albert Hall– being Royal Opera House.

The place definitely worth of seeing and a time spent on exploring the Park will be definitely enjoyable and amusing thanks to its charm and an amizingly  royal character.