Finally I can show off  and present another of the jobs I was involved in.

This is just a small sample what we do in our office – the is building located in the suburbs of London, Radlett, in a vicinity of another high end residential buildings.Generally very, very reach area.

The location and also the client’s requirement  decided of a character of the building. We have proposed a very traditional building, with the pithed tiled roof, traditional pitched roof dormers, cast stone external finishes.Really masive bulk, very neat finish and with its own, one of a kind, unusual character.

Located on a large site, especially rear garden is of an impressive size, on which you could probably play a cricket match – If you were wealthy enough to buy it all together and could still effort to ruin the lawn.

The intrnal arrangement is sufficiently spacious to get lost, but I can garantee, you wouldn’t be bored looking for a way out, as the building has a lot of aesthetical  surprices.

First class floor finishes, high ceilings with a lovely lighting fittings, as well as a grand stairs with the cast iron balustrades.

The building is expensive, but worth its price.

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