1 Beach Hill Avenue – Enfield- Greater London

Let me share my thougts about  another high end, residential building today.

This is second building which I was working on, recently. Even more expensive, still on the market, but we all hope it is not going to last long. The design is repeatedly  traditional, with classical proportions, but the quality of finishes is astonishing.

The building complies with the Code for sustainable homes requirements, is very eco friendly and comes up to all contemporary, high standards – recently we have overheard that some famous london footballer had and interest in a purchase of this property.

The house consists of 6 or 7 bedrooms with a separate en-suite bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, morning room, utility, spacious hall with impressive stairs, home office/study, disabled bathroom at ground floor level, double garage,cinema room, play room and what’s most important – the swimming pool.
Sounds like a house for a people from Beverly Hills? might be actually even better- it is more classy 😉


Finally I can show off  and present another of the jobs I was involved in.

This is just a small sample what we do in our office – the is building located in the suburbs of London, Radlett, in a vicinity of another high end residential buildings.Generally very, very reach area.

The location and also the client’s requirement  decided of a character of the building. We have proposed a very traditional building, with the pithed tiled roof, traditional pitched roof dormers, cast stone external finishes.Really masive bulk, very neat finish and with its own, one of a kind, unusual character.

Located on a large site, especially rear garden is of an impressive size, on which you could probably play a cricket match – If you were wealthy enough to buy it all together and could still effort to ruin the lawn.

The intrnal arrangement is sufficiently spacious to get lost, but I can garantee, you wouldn’t be bored looking for a way out, as the building has a lot of aesthetical  surprices.

First class floor finishes, high ceilings with a lovely lighting fittings, as well as a grand stairs with the cast iron balustrades.

The building is expensive, but worth its price.

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A residential urban development located in the centre of Dublin, on Portland Street (close to the famous Croke Park Stadium)

This is definitely  on of the most interesting residential development I have been involved in .

There are three blocks, comprising about 130 apartments, some of them duplexes, with a very narrow atriums beetween them an many balconies sticking out of the building, cladded with timber .

The three buildings create courtyards, new streets, that are of a very good quality and friendly for the inhabitants.

Striking combination of materials and quality of finishes makes me proud , and I very often draw some ideas from this design.

Presented buildings are liners with decks runing along the length of the buildings, the entrances to the apartments form a courtyard and with the external lifts linking the decks at the ends of the buildings.

The apartments are still available to purchase , for about 250 thousands euro – I think they are worth it.