Londons Serpentine Galery Pavilion 2011 –

Anyone who was expecting another spectacular contemporary building that looks like a completed construction might be dissapointed.

The Serpentine Pavilion, as it’s  current creator- Peter Zumthor- says is supposed to evoke emotions by its misteriously simple outside physical body  and more  complex  labyrinth inside the leads you to the beutyful garden , sunny metaphysical atrium full of plants that symolises the initimacy  and a  life .

The internal garden , thatnks to its black walls seurrounding it , becomes as a completely isolated place, appears as a garden within a bigger garden- Hyde Park.

After spending few minutes in the internal garden and seeing how many people likes it , suddenly it strikes you that it is a brilliant idea and you stop thinking about the blak bitumen painted plywood,waetherprove but  delicate walls.


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