Collegium Maius, the oldest  edifice of  Jagiellonian Univeristy in Krakow known also as Krakow Academy, was founded by polish king Wladislaw Jagiello.

Built in  15-th century as a late gothic structure with a large internal courtyard with a  pointed arched arcades and the cristal vaulting.

It is located in the corner of Jagiellonska Street and St Ann’s Street in a medieval  old town centre.

The very precious building for every krakovian and a university student.It is fully original edifice from the period mad of stone and brick  and the most fascinating features of the building is original paving from the period, the well,  located in the centre of the courtyard, the stone surrounded arcades, gothic pinnacles and doors and windows surrounds, the decorations of the balconies with the original stone crests of the old polish families and  founders.

The most famous graduates of the University where astronomer Copernicus in late 15-th century and John Paul II  in           20-th century.

The building is definitely a jewel of gothic architecture, a bit underestimated by some tourist,  but worth of seeing  and strongly recomended

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