Let me introduce you a very absorbing bridge located in the centre of  Dublin, called after James Joyce, designed by Santiago Calatrava.

The bridge was opened in 2003, structure is designed as tied- arch bridge, 30 m wide and 40 m long, and is connecting  the South and the North side of Dublin.

We can see that functionally it has been divided into one, middle passage for a vehicular traffic, and two pedestrian walkways on both side of the bridge.

On each side, between pedestrian and vehicular traffic, there is a special area excluded for people who want to stop and admire the Liffey River.

The designer used basically  only three materials for it’s construction; glass , concrete and steel.

You can distinguish nice details of stainless strained steel cables/wire ropes stretching from the top of the arch to the bottom support- the structure has no support below the deck of the bridge whatsoever .
Personally I really like the way of designing the steel and glazed balustrade, and it’s connection to the existing retaining wall.
The architect, structural engineer S.Calatrava , here again did very well and I think he prooved that no architecture is to small for the good designer.
The building looks esspecially charming when illuminated by night.


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